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Grey Cubicles
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Grey Cubicles

About Equilibra.

Equilibra is the family office of Daniel Lubetzky, Founder and Executive chairman of KIND.

Building on Daniel’s experience launching KIND from one out-of-the-box idea and $10,000 in seed capital to a multi-billion-dollar global health and wellness brand, Equilibra partners with entrepreneurs to help them grow successful businesses that generate real long-term value. We value innovation with integrity and deploy our best in class team to help entrepreneurs build brands with the power to change people’s lives for the better. 

Who We Are.

What Sets us Apart .


Best-in-class team 

We know what it’s like to be a founder, entrepreneur, and operator, because this is who we are, too. We are investors only second to this. We work closely alongside entrepreneurs to understand their unique needs and deliver customized support across our core competencies, including communications, talent, finance & operations, strategic planning, and sales & marketing. 

Focus on innovative ideas rooted in integrity 

Building on the ‘hungry and kind’ values of our founder, we champion a resourceful entrepreneurial spirit executed with kindness and integrity.  

Long-term orientation

As a family office, we work without the constraints of aggressive exit timelines, supporting our belief that the ends should never justify the means. We know that success looks different for every entrepreneur and tailor our approach accordingly.

Pattern recognition based on industry expertise

Our vast experience in the CPG, health and wellness, and food spaces allow us to quickly recognize patterns and optimize opportunities while minimizing risk.

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